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SSL certificate is the basic need of any website security. Whether you want to secure communication between client and server, prevent irritating “Not Secure” warning, validate, and show your identity as a genuine company or person, an SSL certificate helps in fulfilling all your requirements. In today’s technology-oriented world, getting an SSL certificate to secure your website is one of the mandatory tasks for every website owner.

Every customer has different requirements and budgets. Henceforth, choosing an SSL certificate becomes a tedious task. Fortunately, CheapSSLWeb offers you an option of two different CA (Certificate Authority), Sectigo and Comodo. So, whether you’re looking to secure a simple blog, an organization website dealing with critical data, or an e-commerce website dealing with sensitive financial information, you’ll get all the options.

In addition, all the available SSL certificates of CheapSSLWeb, consist of a robust 256-bit encryption standard and more than 99.9% recognition from the browser, mobile phones, and other devices.

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How Does SSL Certificate Work?

  • The client or server tries connecting with a web server (website) using a secure SSL connection. Likewise, it identifies the browser/server requests.
  • The web server will send the browser or server copy of its SSL certificate.
  • The browser/server will verify whether to trust that SSL certificate and send a message accordingly to the webserver.
  • Furthermore, the server sends a digitally signed acknowledgment to start with a secure SSL connection.
  • Lastly, encrypted information/data is shared between the client & server.
How Does SSL Certificate Work?

Benefits of Installing SSL Certificate

  • Provides HTTPS, which is mandatory to load websites on web browsers.
  • Prevents “Not Secure” warning message.
  • Secures your and customer information passed on the internet.
  • Provides secure encrypted browser to server and server to server communication.

Asked Questions

The website requires an SSL certificate to secure information passed on the internet between website and browser and verify ownership of the website.

The browser shows a “Not Secure” warning message besides the address bar, or your site will fail to load on the web browser.

You may get a minor boost in SEO ranking. Still, majorly SSL certificate is for security purposes, and what type of content you provide to the user is considered for SEO ranking.

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